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You’re bound to have lots of questions when you first try something new. One question that I’ve been asked is ‘Why do you train?’ The textbook answer to this would be ‘to learn to defend myself’ but if this is true then why do people continue to train after they’ve been doing martial arts for more than a couple of years?

I train because I enjoy keeping fit, It challenges me mentally as well as physically. It’s good socially as you’re interacting with people with similar interests, and if you’ve had a hard day at work or are worried about something like when your next mortgage repayment is due you’ll find that none of these things actually matter to you when you’re on the mat. I’d also say that it can be immense fun and I’d probably describe it a ‘Healthy Addiction!”

That being said here’s a list of some of the more common questions that people usually ask…

How much are the classes?”
The Classes cost £5 each and usually run for two hours.

Are the classes open to anyone?”
Anyone can come along and train with us as long as they’re aged 16 or over.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Are the classes suitable for beginners?”
Classes are relaxed and friendly, everyone is welcomed and trains at a pace that they are comfortable with. As we put so much emphasis on having good basics you could say that every class is a beginners class

What should I wear?”
There’s no formal uniform so just wear something that you’re comfortable in. Students usually choose to either wear shorts and a T-shirt or some prefer gi bottoms. If you want to wear a gi, then nobody is going to mind that either

I’m looking for something that may help me to defend myself if I needed it to”
Unlike a lot of more traditional martial arts clubs you will be trained using progressive resistance. Training this way teaches you to relax, control your breathing and not to crumble under pressure. It’s statistically proven that more often than not confrontations  end up on the ground so it’s very important that you learn to be comfortable there. There is no better form of training to prepare you for it. Classes are not focused specifically on self defence, but instead designed to increase your perception, reactions, confidence and overall athletic ability. Everything you are taught is practical and highly functional!

The Ground Is My Ocean, I’m The Shark, And Most People Don’t Even Know How To Swim.” Rickson Gracie

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